Etherton Gallery : Michael O’Neill, Sur le Yoga : L’Architecture de la Paix

L'oeil de la Photographie, January 31, 2022

(Original Article in French - Translated With Google Translate):

"What sets Michael O'Neill's photographs apart from so many others is that they are not simply beautiful images of people performing postures. They are windows to yoga. If we dive into his book with the same reverence with which we open the door of a temple or a cathedral, with our three eyes open – our two physical eyes and also our inner eye – we will not only see strikingly beautiful images but also real yoga.” – His Holiness Swami Chidan and Saraswatji


Michael O'Neill, On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace is an ode to O'Neill's journey to discover the foundations of yoga practice and discipline. O'Neill has spent ten years photographing yoga masters and gurus, meditating with monks on the Tibetan plateau, living with sadhus in their tents at the Kumbh Mela and marveling at the boys who practice the discipline. little known Mallakhamba on the wrestling grounds. in Kochi, India. Her portraits reveal the essence of yoga, what O'Neill calls "the architecture of peace...a series of postures that bring the practitioner closer to the touch of infinity."


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