Land Re-Form: Michael Berman, Mark Klett, Frank Gohlke, and Mike Mulno

January 14 - March 14, 2020

Etherton Gallery kicks off 2020 with a new exhibition, Land Re-Form, which brings together for the first time, the work of photographers Frank Gohlke, Mark Klett, and Michael Berman. These photographers investigate the fluid and changing dynamics of the relationship between humans and the natural world by photographing the landscape. The story of the human presence and impact on the land, narrated by Gohlke’s photographs of Mount St. Helens, Klett’s images of the Southwest, and Berman’s gridded images of the Sierra San Luis, remind us that, “Landscapes tell stories, if we know how to listen." Photographs by Michael Mulno from his series Residential Variations will be on display in the gallery pop-up. Land Re-Form opens with a reception and book signing, 7-10pm, Saturday, January 18, 2020, and runs through March 14, 2020. A limited number of books by all the photographers will be available for sale. All are expected to attend the opening reception.