Rodrigo Moya Mexican, b. 1934

Working in the tradition of Henri Cartier Bresson and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Mexican photographer Rodrigo Moya covered political unrest throughout Latin America during the 1950s and 1960s. Part photojournalist, part street photographer, Moya brought the human cost of civil and military uprisings and the people who lived through these turbulent times to the pages of Latin news magazines such as Impacto, El Espectador, Politica, Sucesos and Siempre!  Moya documents not only the newsworthy event, he provides us with the insider’s view, as though his subjects were waiting for his camera. The photographer renders timeless, the sweet, ordinary moments of life, like a girl looking out a train window in La Muchacha. His affecting portraits afford the same dignity to renowned artist Diego Rivera as to an agricultural laborer in La Vida no es bella.  Eyes Wide Open features a selection of Moya’s most iconic images from this period, including his photographs of the charismatic Che Guevara.