Mission & History

Since 1981, Etherton Gallery has showcased the icons of the history of photography as well as the contemporary artists changing its course. Our exhibitions highlight the most important figures in the history of the medium and we remain dedicated to making great works of photography accessible to novices and experienced collectors alike.

A champion of the arts of the Southwest and in particular Tucson, the gallery also exhibits top local and regional artists working in a variety of media, and presents free exhibition programs that address related local and national issues.

Etherton Gallery is a long-standing member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) and participates in fine art photography fairs including the AIPAD Photography Show NY, Classic Photographs LA, and Paris Photo.



      Terry Etherton has taken advantage of Tucson’s reputation as one of the top repositories for fine art photography (The Center for Creative Photography is near enough.) The gallery (upstairs and next door to Chef Jano’s Downtown Restaurant) is a true wonder of the world and...More

    thumb JoKiddo

      Tucked away next to Downtown Kitchen, right by the Post Office, is this old, two story building that houses an eclectic collection of revolving artists and exhibits. The building itself is a work of art, and the rooms hold photos by a vast array of...More

    thumb michelle y

      Changing exhibits mean you should always check the website for what's on show and the hours. I love coming to the opening receptions as there's always a real mix of people there. Whether you are an investor or collector, an artist yourself or just an...More

    thumb vagabondginger

      This gallery has a wonderful selection of classic 20th century fine art photography as well as some contemporary, mostly local, fine photography. The shows of other works are varied and very high quality. Gallery staff are pleasant, not intimidating, and very informative. I have only...More

    thumb drmargery

Our Team

Terry Etherton, Gallery Owner and Director, terry@ethertongallery.com
Daphne Srinivasan, Publicity, Marketing, and Advertising, daphne@ethertongallery.com
Shannon Smith, Gallery Manager and Registrar, shannon@ethertongallery.com
Michael Cox, Registrar, michael@ethertongallery.com

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