Titus Castanza

Ensemble #3, 2019

Titus Castanza (1975-)

Titus Castanza began his career in 2001 working as a staff artist for The Franklin Mint in Philadelphia. He is known to paint a wide variety of subject matter with an emphasis on portraiture. His reputation as a philosopher artist is earned as he shares his thoughts on art and life. Titus is among dozens of artists who make up the Citizen’s Art Collective and share a collaborative space in the historic Citizen’s Warehouse in the warehouse arts district of Tucson, Arizona (citizensart.com).

This short documentary was filmed as a part of the Just Be You Project, a mini-documentary and portrait series featuring stories of self-discovery that highlight inspirational people who have discovered who they are and who inspire us to take our own unique path in life. https://youtu.be/ZUhwCnuVxnI

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