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Cynthia Miller

Exhibition: Cynthia Miller: paintings


Location: Temple Gallery, 330 South Scott Avenue, in the Temple of Music and Art.
The Temple Gallery is managed by Etherton Gallery
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am to 5pm and before Arizona Theatre Company performances
Contact: Daphne Srinivasan, Hannah Glasston, Terry Etherton
info@ethertongallery.com, 624-7370


The Temple Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition, Cynthia Miller: Paintings, featuring recent work by Tucson painter Cynthia Miller. The exhibition opens with an artist reception Friday, March 4 from 5:30-7:30pm and runs through April 5. The show features new work from the series Domestica.

Inspired by recent travels and a love of what she playfully describes as “the unstill still-life,” Miller’s work speaks to the immediacy of daily life. In the joyous world of Domestica, a series of mixed media paintings of furniture and household goods, (both real and imagined), everything is fodder for her paintings, from 14th century fabric swatches and oddball studio props, to the bloom of cherry blossoms in New York’s Central Park. Painted in her loose signature style, Miller creates impressions of daily life using pattern and bold washes of color. In Still Life Yellow (2009), brightly patterned teapots and pitchers float in an ambiguous space. Fleurs 1 (2008) channels Matisse, as washes of terracotta and green collide with a vibrant blue and white striped vase and casually arranged flowers. Miller, a modern day Fauve, rhapsodizes about “the possibilities, the poetry of it all!”

Cynthia Miller’s work reminds us that spring is on its way and that renewal is possible for us all. Put a bounce in your step and head over to the Temple Gallery on Friday, March 4 for the opening reception of Cynthia Miller: Paintings, 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The Temple Gallery is located in SoCo (the recently designated cultural district South of Congress) at the Temple of Music and Art, 330 S. Scott Ave. in downtown Tucson. For more information about the exhibition, please contact Etherton Gallery, which manages Temple Gallery, at (520) 624-7370 or info@ethertongallery.com. To confirm Temple Gallery weekend hours, call the Temple of Music and Art box office at (520)622-2823.



Gallery hours are Monday - Friday 10am-6pm
and prior to Arizona Theatre Company performances

The Temple Gallery is managed by
Phone: 520-624-7370

at the Temple of Music and Art
330 South Scott Avenue
Tucson, Arizona

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